14th International Art Festival & Workshop in Thailand 2019

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Art Workshop: 25 – 27 January 2019 
Poh Chang Academy of Art

Art Exhibition runs: 29 January – 15 February 2019 
Opening Night: 28 Jan, 4.30 pm
Location: Poh Chang Art Gallery

Katherine Gailer will participate in the 14th International Visual Arts Workshop and Exhibition in Thailand 2019 at Poh Chang Academy of Arts;  a space where artists from all over the world can express and exchange their ideas, inspirations and techniques. This is a annual workshop and festival established in 2005. The workshop festival involves over 100 artists each year. The participants consist of, The Thai National Artists, Artists of Distinction, Faculties of Poh Chang University, as well as international artists. The Artist in residency program proposal will run for 2 weeks over January and February .

The purpose of the workshop is to create an opportunity for artists over 24 countries, Fine Art Students from Poh- Chang University and Professors and lectures from a range of  international universities including United Kingdom, France, Sweden, the United States, China, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Singapore, Sri Lanka to name a few to come together for dialogue, discussion and observation of each others’ artistic process. In total there will be over 250 artists at the workshop.

Curator, Pimpisa Tinpalit has run and attended the International Art Workshop in Poh Chang Academy of Art for the last 3 years taking Australian Artists over to experience and build international links and relationships with other South East Asian Artist and Universities.


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