About the Artist

Katherine Gailer AKA Katira is a committed multidisciplinary artist. She graduated with honours from a Bachelor of Fine Arts and completed an Arts Management Masters Degree– both at RMIT University. Her Practice incorporates oil painting, murals, illustration and music.


Artist Statement

History of the western world reveals an intentional repression of the feminine viewpoint – leading to a dramatic disconnection to nature and our roots in something larger than ourselves.  My work embarks on a journey towards reclaiming the feminine powers, as they exist in the shadows, while resonating with the ever-changing flux of women experience: Explosive, mysterious and interconnected.

I am currently working with found wood bark, genuine gold leaf and oil painting. Combining these elements has enabled me to tap into natural cycles of destruction and recreation, while treasuring narratives in which new contemporary female identities reconnect with our natural environment.

My art evokes a sense of strength coupled with fragility ; A delicate balance essential to all living organisms. It celebrates resilience and liberation and clamours for an urgent need to restore the invisible fabric that weaves together humans and nature.


Awards and Recognitions include:

Finalist • 2020 The Global Art Awards, Shanghai Edition
• Winner | Packers’ Art Prize and People’s Choice Award at Corangamarah Art Prize, 2018
• Winner | ROI Art Prize, Melbourne VIC

• Featured Artist Malaysia Art Expo Plus (KL, Malaysia)
• Featured Artist | Melbourne Fringe Festival Award Winning Exhibition Fifty Shades Of Blak’
• Finalist | 2017 Emerging Artist Awards (45 Downstairs Gallery, Melbourne)
• Finalist | 2017, Contemporary Art Awards (Australia)
• Finalist | 2015, Brisbane Art Prize (Australia)
• Finalist | 2014, Glencore Percival Portrait Painting Prize
• Awarded | 2014, 29th Chelsea International Art Competition (USA)
• Winner | 2011, Tolarno Hotel Annual Award (Australia)
• Winner | 2010, NMIT Print Making Annual Award (winner)