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Radiance Exhibition: Cultivating Feminine Forces

Red Gallery / Opening Night Friday 2 June, 6-8pm
Exhibition Runs: 31 May – 11 June 2023
Performance Night event featuring Kathleen Gonzalez: Fri 9 June, 6pm


From ancient to modern cultures, female folklore has profoundly impacted our social spiritual, and cultural landscapes. The exhibition ‘Radiance’ arises from the interlacing of the artistic expressions of two feminine forces: Lucy Lucy (France) and Katira (Colombia).

It is through the harmonious blend of their styles and cultural background that radiant and intricate ecosystems emerge. Delicate weaving and warping, goddess-like portraits and symbolic objects reclaim the wisdom of the feminine spirit as a vital force of nourishment able to heal relationships with the land, with each other, and with ourselves.

In this exhibition, the feminine is not identified as something exclusive to women, but rather as a multi-layered concept transcending gender barriers and cultural boundaries. The body work celebrates the feminine as a circular energy that interconnects, disrupts and restores shared systems of power and authority. In a reciprocal creative process, the artists convey a collective voice in which their culturally different identities are woven into a bright nurturing story.

Navigating between Lucy’s work, bursting with colours, textures and patterns and Katherine’s dream-like compositions, the viewer is invited to explore alternative narratives offering a space for empowerment, evolution, and reconciliation. In this new weaving dreams the artists reveal the unapologetic beauty of the Feminine power.

Image right: ‘Ancestral Radiance’, by Katira + Lucy Lucy Acrylic on Linen, 76 x 198 cm, 202


Location: Red Gallery (157 St Georges Rd, Fitzroy North VIC 3068)
Opening hours:  Wed to Sun / 10.30am – 5pm (Mon and Tue closed)

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Image Top: Close up of ‘The Three Sisters’, by Katira, Mix Media Sculptural Masks





+ Performance Night event featuring Kathleen Gonzalez: Fri 9 June, 6pm

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Join us for a captivating evening at Red Gallery for a special performance night event echoing the exhibition “Radiance: Cultivating Feminine Forces”. We are thrilled to present PRISMATICA, a hypnotic performance by renowned Colombian artist Kathleen Gonzalez – Ethnodanceology Art.  Set among the artworks and around the large inverted crown installation, PRISMATICA explores the wisdom and ancestral practices through her ethno-dance enchanting movement and powerful expressions.

Immerse yourself in this extraordinary fusion of art and Kathleen’s unique transcendent performance.  https://ethnodanceology.com/

Ticket price includes free drinks from the delightful and sustainable piquette “Pique seasons” locally made by Manon. https://piqueseasons.com/


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