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Between Thursday December 5th and Sunday December 8th, 2019 Katherine Gailer, Lucy Lucy and more than 80 pairs of helping hands put brush to wall to culminate the Painting Community, Singing Diversity mural at the Coburg Library!

“Painting Community, Singing Diversity” is the name of a new project, led by not-for-profit organisation Casa Cultura, Katherine Gailer & Lucy Lucy that will bring artists and the community
together to paint a mural in Coburg Library in December 2019. The theme of the
mural is recognising and celebrating the importance of diversity. Casa Cultura, whose
core aim is to harness the power of the arts as a tool for social change, sees this as
an opportunity for an enduring mechanism to nurture key attitudes required to
overcome cultural barriers such as curiosity, openness and respect. Public art, in their
opinion, is a highly cost-effective way of shaping consciousness and creating
collective attitudes.

With support from Moreland City Council, multidisciplinary artist Katherine Gailer
and renowned muralist Lucy Lucy will embark on a journey of collaborative creativity
to gather ideas and reflections from people in the area in order to create a design
that is a true reflection of the local community’s diversity.



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