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A new mural by Katherine Gailer brightens the streets in Sunshine. The artist worked closely with the City Of Brimbank on the development of this public artwork paying homage to Brimbank’s vibrant and diverse community. The design also relates to the heritage of the building, which recently housed an iconic business selling textiles and fabrics.

Stories of diaspora and new contemporary identities are constantly flourishing around the world, while reclaiming the essential connection to the place we inhabit. This mural composition mixes contemporary elements and traditional portraiture creating a theatrical scene inviting the viewers to appreciate the beauty of diversity through a poetic narrative. The artwork portrays an Afro-descendant woman surrounded by textiles in movement. Butterflies and birds are incorporated as a symbol of transformation, migration and the 
connection to our natural environment.

The brilliant gaze of a strong woman giving birth to change and renewal becomes the focal point of this piece; which is something that often characterises Gailer’s work  – the portrayal of diverse woman embracing a liberated feminine identity and discovering their power.







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