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La Niña Exhibtion

Exhibition Opens: Friday 8 June, 6-9pm
Exhibition Runs: 6 -17 June, 2018
Location: No Vacancy Gallery 

“There is peaceful, there is wild. I am both at the same time.” ~Nayyirah Waheed

La Niña Project  presents its first group exhibition featuring a selection of works by contemporary female and non-binary femme artists. Each artist reveals a quality, a connection. Together they bring refreshing waters to heal an environment where stereotypes and the repression of the Feminine have led to a dramatic disconnection to the land we inhabit, our bodies and the very fabric of life.

These are artists reclaiming their power, and their art offers an insight into the weaving of new contemporary female identities, their resilience and liberation. Just like the natural phenomenon La Niña, these artists are here to nurture and reconnect, to destruct and recreate.

Exhibition curated by Katherine Gailer with the support of No Vacancy Gallery and Lucy Lucy.


Texta Queen
Lucy Lucy
Loretta Lizzio
Pimpisa Tinpalit
Yunuen Pérez
Kim Hyunji
Katherine Gailer
Gabriela Isabel
Erin Lee
Julia Both
Grace De Las Nieves
Kathleen Gonzalez
Rachael Edwards
Astro Twitch
Stephanie Leigh





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