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Exhibition runs: 3 – 8 Oct 2019
Opening Night: Fri 4 Oct, 6-9pm
Location: Marfa Gallery

Lucy Lucy, Rachael Edwards and Katherine Gailer weave together a visual narrative in which the power of the Feminine expands, nurtures, and liberates the intuitive self.  

This exhibition brings together works created during their residency at Q Bank in Queenstown, Tasmania. It provides a visual record of their time spent in quiet reflection and inward contemplation, during the slowest and most dormant months of the year.

The word Arcana meaning secrets comes  from the Latin, Arcanus which refers to mysterious or specialised knowledge, language, or information accessible or possessed only by few or chosen people.

Collectively the artists create a portal into the unknown, inviting us on an enchanted journey, where we encounter themes of nature, healing, magic, and metaphysics.

In conversation with ‘Magical Realism’, the artists base their concepts on contemporary reality, translating them into visual signifiers that tell stories. Each artist brings a unique and enriching perspective, formed by different ways of knowing, a discovery of three intimate landscapes.

This body of work conveys that which cannot be described in words, reclaiming the connection between our spirit and the cycles of nature. A remembering of unauthorised knowledge, rooting us in something larger than ourselves.

Exhibition Catalogue
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Performance Art Event

Date: Sat 5 Oct, 6- 8pm

Arcana Exhibition presents a special Performance Art Event featuring three power acts: Mule Ethnodanceology Art, Fleassy Malay, and Sammaneh Poursh.

This carefully curated experience aims to expose the fierceness of three empowered individuals who are constantly affecting social change through their art practice. Together they take us on a ritualistic journey sharing unauthorised knowledge and Feminine resilience. An evening of bewitching contemporary performance and intimate connection awaits.

Ticket $10 (refreshments provided)

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Katherine Gailer, Rest, Heal & Transform, Oil painting on wood bark

Lucy Lucy, Jeune fille au bouquet, Acrylic on Canvas

Rachael Edwards, Recover, Handcut Collage on paper

Inspired by ARCANA EXHIBITION‘s  body of work, Dr Paula Fernandez Arias offers a provoking text on Reclaiming Magic:

Reclaiming Magic by Paula Fernandez Arias, PhD

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